About US

ClothesLine Incorporated is a fully endorsed Sydney based, not-for profit organisation, which provides good quality clothing and other essential items, free of charge, to the homeless and disadvantaged. Clothesline does not receive any government funding and all our staff are volunteers.

Figures produced by the Bureau of Statistics, suggest there are approximately 100,000 homeless people in Australia. Because of the current economic downturn, unemployment is on the rise and we are likely to see a dramatic increase, in the number of people sleeping in cars and living on the street.

Committee members of ClothesLine Incorporated are Grace Condon  (Chairperson) , Cheryl Basha (Secretary), Desiree Meoushy (Liason Officer), Michael Meoushy (Treasurer) , Therese Bechara and Vivian Wong.

ClothesLine Inc was established by Stephen Cowie and Ralph Feller in 2008.

Our Team

Grace Condon

Grace is the Chairperson of ClothesLine Incorporated as of 1st August 2019. Grace was the Managing Director of Amada-Amavic Pty Ltd for over 10 years and was actively invoived in business for over 30 years.  She has been volunteering her time to help disadvantaged people in the community for many years. Grace has worked with Meals On Wheels, The Ashfield Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Australia Award NSW – Crippled Children Society and for twelve years, was a senior social educator working with people with an Intellectual Disability.

Cheryl Basha

Cheryl joined ClothesLine in 2019. She has been in business for the last 15 years. Has many years experience in aged care and has a Diploma in Counselling for Aged Care and Social Work. She is a qualified life coach and holds a Certificate in Pastoral Care. Since 2011, Cheryl and her husband Michael have volunteered in Bali with Bali Life Foundation, sponsoring orphaned children and finding people to help sponsor them. 
She currently owns and runs a cattery called The Contented Cat Inn in Glenorie with her Husband. 

Derisee Meoushy

Desiree has experience as a successful marketing manager for over 15 years. She has owned and operated her own business for 5 years. She has  worked as a sales executive and has extensive knowledge in administration. She has volunteered within diverse cultural community groups for the last 30 years.

Michael Meoushy

Michael was the Managing Director of Rainbow Printing for over 10 years. He has a passion to see young people reach their full potential. He has volunteered within diverse cultural community groups for the last 30 years.

Therese Bechara

Therese is the Managing Director of Landria Constructions Pty Ltd for over 35 years. Therese has been actively involved in the Lions Club International and has helped many young business people reach their full potential. She has supported many local and overseas projects.  

Our Field Team

Kora Thamonti

Maria Scalia 

Neil Gall

Mariana Binoski

Joanne Melita

Irene Coco

Gabriele Attolico

Nola Anthony

Michael Basha

Abdul Alsaady