About US

Clothes Line Incorporated is a fully endorsed Sydney based, not-for profit organisation, which provides good quality clothing and other essential items, free of charge, to the homeless and disadvantaged. Clothesline does not receive any government funding and all our staff are volunteers.

Figures produced by the Bureau of Statistics, suggest there are approximately 100,000 homeless people in Australia. Because of the current economic downturn, unemployment is on the rise and we are likely to see a dramatic increase, in the number of people sleeping in cars and living on the street.

The founders and Committee members of Clothes Line Incorporated are Stephen Cowie, (Co-founder, Chairman and Public Officer) Ralph Feller, (Co-founder) Neil Gall, (Warehouse Manager) Brian Wilkinson, (Logistics Manager) and Grace Condon, (Secretary).

Our Team

Stephen Cowie

Stephen has been JP for 14 years. He recently retired having previously been employed as a Conference Convener for the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.  Stephen has been involved in volunteer community work for approx 30 years. He is a former member of the State Emergency Service and was a rescue team leader in the aftermath of the 1989 Newcastle Earthquake.  For seven years prior to commencing Clothes Line, Stephen was a volunteer driver for a charity food van servicing the homeless in Sydney.

Ralph Feller

Ralph is now retired but has owned and operated several businesses in Sydney and Melbourne. He has been involved in charity work for more than a decade.  In addition to helping feed Sydney’s homeless, Ralph volunteered his time to assist in an Education Program run by the Exodus Foundation.

Brian Wilkinson

Brian is now retired having enjoyed a lengthy career working for Nestles. For the last ten years Brian has been volunteering his time to help the homeless and disadvantaged.  In addition to working for Clothes Line, Brian also spends one night a week helping on the Exodus food van.

Grace Condon

Grace is the Managing Director of Amada-Amavic Pty Ltd.  She has been volunteering her time to help disadvantaged people in the community for many years. Grace has worked with Meals On Wheels, The Ashfield Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Australia Award NSW – Crippled Children Society and for twelve years, was a senior social educator working with people with an Intellectual Disability.

Neil Gall

Neil has been employed as a Disability Service Worker for 20 years. He has also been a member of the State Emergency Service for 42 years and a volunteer with Clothes Line for eight years.