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ClothesLine Mission

Our mission is to support homeless and needy Australians, by providing them with new, or good quality used clothing and other essential items such as blankets and toiletries. Our aim is to make a noticeable difference to their lives, by improving their comfort, self image and employment prospects.

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Did you know?

Nearly all of the clothing donated to charities in Australia never reaches its intended target, which is the homeless and needy. It is either sold in charity (op) shops, to raise funds for other projects or it is shipped to buyers overseas.
ClothesLine guarantees to distribute direct, to Australia’s disadvantaged, 100% of all the new or good quality used clothing, donated to us.

Your donation is vital in helping

more than 100,000 homeless people

in Australia.

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Clothes Line Incorporated is a fully endorsed Sydney based, not-for profit organisation, which provides good quality clothing and other essential items, free of charge, to the homeless and disadvantaged. Clothesline does not receive any government funding and all our staff are volunteers.

Figures produced by the Bureau of Statistics, suggest there are approximately 100,000 homeless people in Australia. Because of the current economic downturn, unemployment is on the rise and we are likely to see a dramatic increase, in the number of people sleeping in cars and living on the street.


  • Clothing for the homeless

We are an independent, non-religious charity. However, we work in close cooperation with Rev. Bill Crews of the Exodus Foundation, SydneyCare and other legitimate charitable organisations. We all share a common goal, which is to improve the day-to-day lives of the disadvantaged and marginalised.

Our vehicles are driven by volunteers and are loaded with clothing, blankets and other essentials. Each night we travel to locations in the CBD, where we distribute the items direct to the homeless and needy.

  • Clothing for disaster relief

In addition to providing clothing and other items for the disadvantaged, our resources can also be utilised in times of natural disaster, such as bushfires, floods and drought relief.

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